About Us

Lift Up is about inspiration, motivation, and growth. Each of us have days that weigh down on us, deadlines that stretch us to our limits, and can get worn down by the world around us until we’re at the breaking point — Lift Up is on a mission to make a difference.

Our range of fitness and casual active wear will certainly stand up to whatever rigors your life can throw at it, but we’re also in your corner for the long haul.

For us, designing a better day starts with washing off the negativity and helping you become happy and healthier. Quality clothing at a reasonable price goes a long way, but Lift Up takes it farther by contributing a percentage of every sale towards charity… paying the good vibes forward to promote positivity just as our customers do.

Our designs embrace whole body health and a go-getting attitude. Keeping our products performing and functioning to high standards is paramount; Lift Up is leading by example to change the activewear industry for the better. Our view is that good clothing can also mean doing good things for people. Whether you’re an athletic professional or grinding day to day and working hard, Lift Up is proud to be your partner helping you pay it forward.

The Lift Up online shop is the foundation of our community— in addition to our self-run storefront we publish empowering & motivating articles that shape our story as we grow with our customers. Because we encourage positivity.

10% of sales are donated to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast Cancer


Our goal is to support you on your journey, to grow and help others. Lift Up sees a hero as anyone who’s willing to give the shirt off their back if it gets someone out of a bad place… following that sentiment we’re committed to producing high functioning clothing, keeping it at a reasonable price, and passing on value to those in need.