Do We Need Water to Be Healthy?

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Do you know that your body is 98% water?  Do you find this fact hard to believe?  I did, and then I stopped to really think about it.  Most all of our body fluids are water, and many of our organs are mostly water.  Do you suppose water is important to our daily functions?  I would hazard a guess of YES.

The daily recommended allowance of water is eight 8 oz. glasses.  That seems like a lot, until you stop to think about all of the liquid we consume, instead of the water we need to be drinking.  We normally consume 64 ounces plus.  It just isn’t all water like we need.

Our bodies need the water to effectively digest and perform all the necessary functions we ask of it each day.  You don’t stop to realize what we ask of this marvelous machine, we just take it for granted that it’s going to function properly.  Let’s talk about some of the things we ask our body to do, that requires water in order to successfully perform.

Physical activity is high on everyone’s list.  We run, walk, play, swim, and participate in all kinds of physically demanding activity.  None of this is possible without the proper functioning of our body.  In order to carry on all the processes of performance and replenishment, we need more than the usual 64 ounce requirement.  We’ve expended more than our usual amount when our body had to sweat in order to keep us cooled off.

Proper flushing of the body, filtering of the blood, and transmission of waste from our bodies can only occur when there are enough fluids present.  The only way for enough fluids to be present is in our consumption of water.  Only through the intake of necessary amounts of water do our kidneys function as designed.

Without water, we don’t furnish enough of the fluid needed by our brain for proper functioning.  Now, I bet there’s one you didn’t realize.  If you’re not consuming enough water, your brain experiences a kind of dehydration.  Headaches are a result of this condition.  Teenagers who experience headaches are usually depriving their body of the water or fluids it needs to function correctly.

Many of the body’s organs depend upon fresh blood supplies in order to function properly.  Blood depends on the proper filtration and fluid replenishment from cell activity.  This cell activity doesn’t occur without needed input from our daily intake of water.  Study the body during bouts of dehydration. It is easily seen how many of our bodily functions reduce their work load, or don’t perform at maximum capacity, simply because there isn’t enough water.  Water is the foundation of physical existence.

Just in examining these few points here, you should be able to see the importance of water to our daily life.  What we don’t realize is that very few adults, or children, come anywhere close to drinking the recommended daily allowance.  We often skip meals, skip our nutritional requirements, and then don’t even bother to give the body enough water to try and compensate.  Shouldn’t we wonder why we are able to function at all, instead of why we aren’t functioning at top speed?


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