How To Lose Body Fat

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Written By Emily White

Do You Want To Lose Body Fat Fast? Find 10 Insane Ways To Lose Body Fat By Changing Your Diet

Did you know that you are what you eat? By changing your diet, you can achieve amazing fat loss results than you ever imagined. Exercise is good for your heart and for your general well-being but not everyone is interested in routine physical workouts. It could be your tight work schedule that barely allows you time to the gym, your health condition or you are simply lazy. No matter the case, it is very possible for anyone to lose a substantial amount of fat by changing their eating habits.

What Is Fat Loss?

Till now, many people think that fat loss is similar to weight loss. But these are two different things. Body fat is a tissue in our bodies that helps to keep our central nervous system and organs like our brains function properly. Body fat also helps our bodies in insulation and cushioning activities.

Excess fats in our bodies lead to health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes among others. Visceral fats are the fats that accumulate around our bellies and as a result, they may hinder your organs to function well. Weight loss is the process of shedding those extra pounds in our bodies.

Can Changing Your Diet Really Work In Fat Loss?

In your quest to reduce fats, focus on taking fewer calories for best results. Healthy practices like eliminating sugary foods, reducing alcohol intake and cutting on the size of our plate can really help in fat loss.

What Are Your Fat Loss Goals? Let’s Talk About This

You must be clear about your reasons for fat loss. We all have different reasons for fat loss. It can either be for health purposes, aesthetic reasons, athletic performance or any other reasons. Then, set your goals for fat loss. It is still very important to focus on specific areas. For instance you want a slim tummy, smaller boobs, smaller butts or hips. This helps you to figure out how you need to adjust what you feed on daily to achieve your goals for fat loss.

Why Low-Fat Diet Won’t Work For You

There is a misconception that people should stick to a low-fat diet for effective fat loss. This is not true. It is the fat content in the food that makes us feel more satisfied and hence reduce cravings for unhealthy foods. By eating healthy fats, fat loss is made easy.

Knowing how much carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other macronutrients our bodies need to achieve our goals for fat loss is a wonderful idea. You can use a macronutrient calculator to help in this.

Healthy fats and oils like olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and cold liver oil are good for a healthy fat loss and general well-being.

How Much Carbs Is Perfect For Fat Loss?

To lose fats fast, you need to eat fewer carbs. Carbs are very important in supplying our bodies with the energy we need to think, walk and exercise. Our bodies use carbs for energy. Excess carbs are converted to glycogen and stored in the body until when it is needed. When you exhaust your glycogen stores and you still need more energy, the body starts burning fats for energy.

So, if you are looking to lose fats fast, eat fewer carbs to facilitate quick fat burning. The best way to do this is to keep your body’s glycogen levels low so that your body can turn to fats faster and as a result fast fat burning is enhanced. What determines your daily carbs intake is your specific goals for fat loss. Talk to a professional dietician for guidance on the recommended daily carb intake for weight loss.

Why You Should Avoid Sugar In Fat Loss – Backed By Science

According to various research carried out, both sugars and sugar sweetened drinks has been associated with poor metabolic health. sugar is simply a combination of half sugar and half fructose and these can only be metabolised in the liver but only in some significant amounts. Eating a lot of added sugar overloads the liver with fructose and this forces it to turn into fat. Large amounts of fructose leads to increased fructose build up in the liver and the belly.

Therefore, this might greatly inhibit your desire for losing excess fats in your body.

Studies show that increased liver fat and belly fat may lead to insulin resistant and cause other major health problems in our bodies.

There is a big difference between liquid sugars and solid sugars. Worst of all is the liquid sugars that are not registered by the brain and as a result you might end up eating excess calories. So, avoid sugary beverages like sugary sodas and fruit juices and sports drinks with high sugar content.

To cut on refined sugars, be good at reading labels even on the foods said to be healthy. You may be surprised to see the huge amount of sugar contained in these foods.

Can Eating More Proteins Help In Losing Belly Fat?

Studies show that eating more proteins helps reduce cravings, boost metabolism and help eat less calories every day.

In particular, proteins are very effective against belly fat and evidence show that those people who eat more proteins has less belly fat. Sticking to a high protein diet for a long time has a significant effect on reduced risk of gaining belly fat.

Refined carbs and oils is linked to increased belly fat while fruits and vegetables has been reported to reduce belly fat gain.

Whole High Protein Foods To Add To Your Shopping List

Eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, seafood, legumes and nuts.

To boost your total protein intake, protein supplements are highly recommended  especially if you find it difficult to get enough protein in your diet.

Cooking your food using coconut oil has a significant effect on reduced belly fat.

Add Fibre-Rich Foods In Your Diet

Studies show that soluble fibre has a significant effect on reducing belly fat. Eat plant foods like fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole oats. Fibre supplement can also help.

What’s More?

Changing your diet alone isn’t all you need for fat loss. Getting enough sleep and rest is important too coupled with simple exercises and believing in your ability to lose excess fats and achieve your dream body size and shape.


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